Meme Economy Golden Rings (Solnic’s native currency) drive the meme economy. Collect, trade, and unlock secret levels (or absurd Sonic NFTs). NFT Marketplace In April 2024, Solnic launches its NFT marketplace. Expect Sonic doing improbable things—like photobombing historical events. Online Casino (Future) Solnic plans to create an online casino where SOLNIC tokens serve as the currency. Spin the slots, hedgehog-style!

Community Governance

YaboySkey’s Role YaboySkey leads with transparency. His public holdings and reliance on community trust ensure Solnic’s success. Transparency and Trust Community governance decisions are made collectively. Memes, polls, and Sonic dance-offs determine Solnic’s fate.


NFT Launch (April 2024) Get ready for Solnic NFTs that defy logic. “Sonic in a Teacup” awaits! Online Casino Development Spin, win, and hedgehog-hop in the Solnic Casino. Coming soon!

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